Tuckaway Shores Condominiums is located in Franklin, Wisconsin, 53132, between Forest Hill Avenue and Puetz Road, just west of 76th Street. There are 155 units, located in 25 different buildings, called “Piers”. A private 9 acre man-made lake with two islands is central to the property. The large island has a sandy beach area, and a gazebo for private parties. The private lake is great for swimming, fishing, or just relaxing. Only non-powered watercraft are allowed on the lake. All but 9 of the Piers are located around the shoreline, and have a beautiful lake view. The condominium units vary in style, and square footage ranges from 1208 sq. ft. to 1790 sq. ft.

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LANDSCAPE: Landscape Concepts Management is the landscaping contractor for the 2016-2019 seasons.

 SNOW REMOVAL 2017-2018:  Badgerland Lawn and Landscaping has been selected as the contractor for snow  removal this season. They will be on site for snow accumulation of 2″ or more with snow removal equipment, and salting operations will be carried out for lighter snowfalls. Please report any areas that require attention to Mike Leach at Prospect Management Company.

FOX SIGHTED ON PROPERTY: Attention Owners-There has been a fox spotted on the north entrance to the property off of 76th street where a concrete culvert was installed recently.  The fox is living underneath this culvert. If you own a small dog, please take care in this and surrounding areas.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact Homeowner Services at homeownerservices@pmcwi.com or call 414-540-0004.

RECYCLE CARTS: All Tuckaway Shores units, except Pier 4 units, have received new 48 gallon recycle cart from John’s Disposal. The small blue containers will no longer be used for recycling. Homeowners may request the larger 96 gallon cart from the City and exchange it for 48 gallon cart. Recycle carts must be kept inside garage area, and placed near the curb per the City’s guidelines for pick-up. Pier 4 recycle containers will remain located near the Pier 4 dumpster.

WATER CONSERVATION: While we may water our plants/bushes/flowers, watering grass is not necessary and is costly. Please do not water the grass, unless a newly seeded area. Although you are not billed directly for water usage, you do pay for it as part of your monthly fee.
The Franklin Water Utility encourages water conservation during dry periods throughout the year.
The following excerpts are from the City of Franklin website:
Sprinkling Restrictions
Annual sprinkling restrictions go into effect from June 1 through the end of September for Franklin Water Utility customers. Odd number addresses are allowed to sprinkle on odd number days and even number addresses sprinkle on even number days.
Sprinkling Suggestions & Tips
The most common cause of high water usage in summer months is a result of sprinkling lawns and gardens. Many customers double their water bills during the summer months due to sprinkling.
During periods of heat and drought, lawns dry out. During extended periods, lawns will go dormant (natural protection). Sprinkling tends to fool the lawn into a temporary recovery and a commitment of daily sprinkling will become necessary. Let your lawn naturally protect itself.
If watering is a must, morning is the best time. Cut back on watering when the weather is cool and moist. Do not water on windy days. Remove weeds as they are water thieves. Leaks in hoses, sprinkler fittings, faucets, and couplings are costly. Use a kitchen timer as a reminder to turn off the sprinkler, and remember to tightly turn off the hose faucet after each use.

GEESE and SEAGULLS:  It is very important that the geese and seagulls do not have a food source here. Please take all trash/garbage (even cigarette butts) with you when you leave the beach and island, and dispose of in your own trash containers.

GRILLING: Per Franklin City Fire Prevention Code and Wisconsin State Fire Code, which is based on NFPA standards: “Use and/or storage of gas and charcoal grills of any size are prohibited on balconies. Electric grills (i.e. “George Foreman” type grills) are allowed to be used/stored on balconies, but they must be UL-listed and designed for outdoor use. Charcoal and gas grills may be stored on ground-level patios and decks. They must be moved to a minimum of 10 feet from any building, overhang, or combustible surface when in use. Transporting compressed gas or propane through a residential living space is prohibited by law.” Smoke must not be a nuisance to neighbors or public roadways.

Click on this link for grilling safety tips: Grilling_safety_Tips_2016

COYOTES ON OUR PROPERTY: Coyotes have been sighted on our property, especially near wooded areas. Residents should NOT feed birds (or other animals) – the attraction of other animals at bird feeders is a major source of food for coyotes. If you encounter a coyote, you should stand your ground and make a lot of noise, which should be sufficient to scare it off. If you feel threatened by a coyote, immediately call the Franklin police department with the specific location.

Tuckaway Shores is FHA Certified and VA Approved

FHA Certification: Tuckaway Shores Condominium Association is an FHA approved condominium project, I.D. number D000372, certified until June 2, 2019. Project recertification is required every two years.

VA Approval: Tuckaway Shores Condominium Association is a VA approved condominium project, I.D. 000416 (Approval does not expire).

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safety

Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Smoke Detectors: Law went into effect April 1, 2010, which affects multi-unit buildings, including condominiums. Click on: CarbMonoBroch1008 to read about CO and the new law. Homeowners are required to have CO alarms in room with furnace, within 15 feet of bedrooms, and in any room with a fuel burning appliance (gas/wood fire place, gas dryer, gas stove, gas hot water heater). Carbon Monoxide is an odorless gas, and is very deadly. Protect your family and your neighbors by installing alarms.

Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years, whether hard wired or battery operated. Remove the cover to find a date stamp or label on your detector. If over 10 years old, replace your smoke detector.

Units with Fireplaces:  Fireplace chimneys should be inspected on an annual basis. Not all the units have a fireplace, and it is the homeowners responsibility to notify the management company if they have a fireplace. Homeowners that have a fireplace in their unit must contact the management company to schedule an inspection. Cleaning will be done if necessary as determined by the inspection. This is considered a common element, and the association is responsible for the cost of inspection and cleaning.

Island Gazebo

Gazebo: The restrooms are winterized and locked after Labor Day, and opened in spring. After the gazebo is opened for the season, the restroom doors can be opened by the combination locks. The combination for the rest room door is embossed on your I.D. wristband.

Management Company

Prospect Management Company – Mike Leach- Property Manager Direct Phone 414-214-8107 Main Phone 414-540-0004  Email mleach@pmcwi.com  Fax 414-540-0044


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